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Jeff’s faith was grounded at an early age while being raised in an active Christian home, his dad is a deacon and his mother is an active Sunday school teacher and choir member.  Jeff was saved at the age of seven and immediately followed in believer’s baptism.  Since his salvation, Jeff has continually pursued the things of God with a primary emphasis upon knowing and applying the Bible to his daily life.  Additionally, when the time allows, he is a self-professed “sports-a-holic.” However, his “playing days” are now typically replaced by the enjoyment of watching his three boys compete.

Outside of his personal faith, Jeff’s family comes first in his life. Jeff and Traci have been married for over 25 years. They met as students at Baylor University and married while Traci was attending Baylor University and Jeff was in Seminary. Jeff and Traci have been blessed with 3 young men in their home. Marshall, George and Jonathan.

At the age of fourteen, God called Jeff into vocational ministry.  At age seventeen, he publicly accepted his call into ministry.  This faith-based call led him to Baylor University to pursue a B. A. in Religious Studies.  He followed this training with a Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages and a Doctorate of Philosophy from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He has 30+ years of experience in various ministerial roles include: youth ministry, recreation ministry, associate pastor, teaching pastor, vocational evangelist, and senior pastor. Jeff’s ministerial passion lies in studying and teaching the word of God and allowing God to communicate His truths in an in-depth yet relevant manner.

In addition to the preaching and teaching of the Bible, Jeff has a desire for people to receive answers to their questions.  For over 25 years, Jeff has been answering questions regarding the Bible, Christianity, and faith at youth camps, on the radio, and live special events.  Admittedly, his favorite time of the week is the weekly Question and Answer Bible study he hosts before a live audience entitled “AskJeff.” 


Finally, the Lord has allowed Jeff the privilege of writing 7 books: 

Upside Down: Becoming a 1st Century Christian in a 21st Century World

DNA of a Disciple; AskJeff: The Top 10 Questions

Stand: The Christian’s Response to a Compromised Culture

24 Hours that Changed the World

Simple: Understanding Revelation

God vs. god: Spiritual Warfare in Heavenly Places

Check out the bookstore for more details. 

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